July 14th, 2007 by Dave

Last week I released my first travel theme - also spelled ‘templates’ by some people - for all the seasonal and fulltime travel bloggers out there. And whatdoyouknow, it looks like to become an instant classic.

This Travel theme is not only beautiful - it’s also popular, check out why here: Testrun — and Download here

Now today I’m releasing Travel2 - a relaxed and totally non-busy beach travel theme. What’s to summer when it boils down to it and we did sweat it all out? Right, beaches and waves. We love them, and they ease our minds. It’s the ocean breeze and the feeling you get while hanging out for a few hours in the blazing sun. It just makes you feel sooooooooooh good!

This current travel theme can be viewed here — and Download here. Right - I’m off to the beach now, let’s talk about that later.

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