June 25th, 2009 by Dave

Out on the ocean. Let’s put some Pat Metheney on or better a Brian Culbertson with some extra x-bass. Lean, dry & funky. Open up a very dry white and put another shrimp on the barbie. We’re not going on shore tonight. No siree, there will be nobody attending the conference call, not even the 1$ recall download after event. Only the night breeze, me, you and the waves moving us up and down on top of the flow, ever so smoothly. Smooth. It’s the best, Jerry. The best.

Just exactly what this theme is about. What would make it one of the wordpress travel themes, if you would think in categories. “On the ocean” one of the seaside travel wordpress themes. Yada yada yadda. Everyone loves the seaside, kooky, but did you actually spend a night on the ocean yet? It’s….very dark outside at night. On an endless ocean. Just the stars. And the glowing shrimp on the barbie. Anything for dessert, honey? Wow, with double coat chocolate, how in the world did you….

another free premium travel theme for wordpress preview

and, at least for today, a free download

until we run out of shrimps. Then it will be $89 a piece. What’s still a bargain.

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