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George Schwab

...meanwhile in Bali its just another day in paradise...

August 2016 - Bali 6 AM - The sun is going up over the south

yes, but what really did happen the day before?...














some useful sayings of the day - by the pool:

" have to put some clothes on, there are Australian people here!"

"You are the product of your own brainstorm"

"Dolce Vaniente - "The Art of doing nothing"

"The ocean called, they ran out of shrimps - the beach called, they ran out of me"

"Surf's up! gotta go dude..."




You really should take the President of Benin Dr. Patrice Talon as a role model - he has
ordered by Western Union urgent transfer to reduce poverty around the world!
Around ............da world!

As he notified me this morning by urgent express wire:


"The President of Benin Dr. Patrice Talon have ordered by Western Union urgent transfer
to reduce poverty around the world. Inline with the above, I wish to bring you with this good
news as your long overdue payment which was supposed to have been released to you through
Western Union urgent transfer, A winning check will be issued in your name by Western Union
Award for the daily payment of $5,000 dollars until your total amount of $3.5Million Dollars
and also a certificate of prize claims will be send alongside your winning check."

Wow! 5k a day PLUS my winning check. I feel i'm on a winning streak today.

And I was already blessed this week by my new best friend Sir Jonathan Brenton, he wrote:

I know you will be shocked to come across my email. However, it is my
sincere pleasure at this moment to exhibit my total trust bestowed on
you in accordance of which i am fully convinced that you will really be
of immense assistance as my business associate. Well, i hope my proposal
to you will be given proper attention despite the fact we have not known
each other. But i summon courage to introduce myself to you through this

I am Sir Jonathan Brenton from United Kingdom.I was former British
Ambassador to Belgium and presently Minister Counsellor...go to:

Opening the mail by the pool: Your long overdue payment!



I was thinking today about what the easiest way to make money is - while you relax at the pool. Well, it's not that hard to figure out. Investments with guys that work in Big markets is really the easiest and fastest way to turn a profit.

But what about the risks? First you reasearch them all, then you pick only the best, then you spread it out over a few of those. So you minimize the risk to a really low level. Of course you don't expect that one of these companies goes out of business the exact same moment when you enter the market, but just in case they would, you mostly still come out without a loss by investing in two backup companies at the same time. Here a little example:

"We trade in Advertising, Stocks, Forex, Bonds, Gold, Hedge Funds and Private Equities,
and we will invest in at least 3 of the best performing portfolios. Example scenario for a

$2500 investment for 40 days as follows":

$500.00 investment 1 = 7.50% daily ROI for 40days = $1500 profit
$1000.00 investment 2 = 2.25 % daily ROI for 40days = $900 profit
$1000.00 investment 3 = 1.50 % daily ROI for40days = $600 profit
$2500 total investments for 40 days = $3000 total profit
total capital payout inc. profits after 40 days = $5500


so let's say that you double your investment in 40 days Plus get an extra Bonus of $500 spending cash

not bad! hey want me to connect you? Just drop me a mail:club of top entrepreneurs






Stefanie: A Rockstar by Nature

Stef and Tina are twins - haven't met Tina yet, however Stef is in Bali right now and she does music like a rockstar - although I will suggest to her to get out of rock music and move to the dancefloor - she's got a pretty voice and she will be a big star on the dancefloor before you know it. Maybe my track plus her voice? Studio time!






So which one first the good the bad, or the ugly news? Let's do a summery., or how we literature people say, a synopsis.

The good thing: Above rooms are coming into reality, check us out in October. Another good thing: Yesterday on the beach we had some classic salmon and launched a new label: "Blue Lagoon" - yes, it's a drink, 3-components at that, and all secret whats actually inside. Now to the bad news, read it all by clicking above link.

Just a little dance track remix to get into the mood!





Boys just wanna have Fun


These surfer dudes had a rough day on the ocean, and finally found the patience to enjoy the evening. Location is Bali : Padang-Padang at the central watering station where everybody hangs out after dinner - sometimes until 6 AM. But then one must know when it's enough.


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